The Athens Digital Roadmap outlines five priority areas to build upon the Municipality’s commitment to modernize the city’s internet infrastructure, bridge the digital divide, and foster entrepreneurship.


12 February 2018 – Mayor George Kaminis launched the Athens Digital Roadmap, a strategic plan to build upon the city’s digital offerings by expanding internet access, increasing transparency, and engaging residents through digital technologies. The Roadmap was recently unveiled at the Serafeio complex in downtown Athens which houses a number of innovative Municipal initiatives including the Athens Digital Lab, synAthina, Athens Culture Net and the Designed for Better Learning Maker Space.

“This Roadmap is for Athenians. We commit to delivering simple digital solutions that are centered upon your needs,” said Mayor Kaminis. “Our goal is to empower Athenians by expanding access to internet across all neighborhoods, building digital skills, attracting new investment, and creating jobs.”

The Athens Digital Roadmap outlines projects for 2018 and in a year’s time the city will evaluate progress towards the goals of the Municipality and release an updated strategic plan for 2019 and beyond. The current plan focuses on five priority areas: Internet access, e-government, digital skills education, online engagement, and innovation.

1.Expanding access to internet, including working to introduce fiber-optic access in all schools and the creation of public WiFi locations throughout the city;

2.Digitizing government services, including the expansion of online payments and online registration for sports facilities and children’s nurseries;

3.Improving the online presence of the Municipality, including the launch of a new municipality website that will link to all Municipality programs and services;

4.Offering education and digital skills training for all residents, including offering free digital skills training to 10,000 residents through the Open Schools program;

5.Supporting entrepreneurs and innovative initiatives through the new Athens Digital Lab and the Athens Digital Council.

In 2017, the Mayor of Athens appointed Europe’s first-ever municipal Chief Digital Officer, Konstantinos Champidis, to spearhead the Municipality’s digital initiatives. The Chief Digital Officer kicked off his role with a listening tour in which he canvassed the city to meet with residents, tech leaders, academics and entrepreneurs to better understand their needs, and prioritize the digital goals of the city. This research formed the foundation from which the Athens Digital Roadmap was developed.

“The projects outlined in the Athens Digital Roadmap represent initiatives from across the entire city,” said Mayor Kaminis. “I would like to extend my gratitude to Mike Bloomberg who is supporting us to put words into action through the strategic advisory work of Bloomberg Associates, a philanthropic municipal consulting firm.” The Municipality is working with Bloomberg Associates to apply best practices from cities around the world and bring these initiatives to life.

“It only makes sense that the city that invented democracy would reinvent it for the 21st century and beyond – and set an example for others around the world,” said Katherine Oliver, Principal of the Bloomberg Associates Media and Digital Strategies discipline. “This Roadmap will improve the city’s internet infrastructure so more people can access it. It will also make it easier for people to access critical services, connect people to new skills, and help make Athens a more livable city for its residents and a friendlier city for businesses.”

Mayor Kaminis is committed to accelerating digital growth and leveraging technology to address the city’s greatest challenges and seize opportunities. To this end, the Mayor and the city’s first Chief Digital Officer have launched a number of priority digital initiatives including the Athens Digital Council. A strategic advisory body, the Athens Digital Council brings together the leaders of the largest digital and telecommunications companies in Greece, as well as distinguished professors from leading Greek universities, to advise the Municipality on innovative ways to use technology. The Athens Partnership, whose role is to build bridges between the Athens Municipality and the private sector, is coordinating this initiative.

Link to the full Athens Digital Roadmap

About Athens Partnership:

Athens Partnership is an independent, nonprofit entity which carries out targeted partnerships between the Municipality of Athens and the private sector, combining the strengths of both, with the ultimate beneficiary being Athens inhabitants. "With the help of the Athens Partnership, the City of Athens is upgrading the quality of its cooperation with all those who intend to help strengthen Athens today, paving the way for the city’s future, said Mayor of Athens George Kaminis. For more information:

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